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About Michelle Lynn Cangelosi

Michelle Lynn Cangelosi served as the Partnership Development Manager for WaterSHED, a formerly Cambodia-based, USAID-initiated organization that forged connections between citizens, local authorities, and companies to offer innovative, long-lasting, and effective water and wastewater solutions.

As a Florida-licensed realtor who does not currently practice, Michelle Lynn Cangelosi brings to the table roles in both charity and governmental organizations as well as relevant experience in asset management and real estate.

Any position will benefit from Michelle's comprehensive industry and interpersonal competencies, which include press releases, business development, business relationship management, budgeting, communications, community development and outreach, environmental awareness, fundraising, grants, government relations, international relations, leadership, management, marketing, and human resources.

Cangelosi graduated from the University of Florida with distinction. She has a master's degree in environmental engineering sciences and a bachelor of science in zoology with a minor in teaching. Cangelosi also earned degrees in Wetlands Studies, Alternative Teacher Preparation at the University of Florida, Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of South Florida, Negotiation and Influence at Rutgers University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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